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Have you reached an agreement with your former spouse about the arrangements for property settlement? 

We prepare family law CONSENT ORDERS for a fixed, affordable fee – written quotation provided after your FREE no-obligation first interview (30 min) to discuss your requirements.


What if we agree on how to split our property?

Even if you are able to reach an agreement with your former spouse about property division, you should arrange an appointment for legal advice.  We can advise you on the terms of the agreement you have reached, and whether it is fair and equitable. 

We can assist with preparing Consent Orders to file with the Court, without you or your spouse needing to attend court.

Unless orders are made by the court, your agreement is not legally binding or enforceable if the other party does not honour the agreement.


What if we can’t agree about property settlement?

There are various options available to try to resolve property matters with your former spouse.  The common options include negotiation directly with each other, attending mediation, or negotiation between the parties’ lawyers.

It is important to bear in mind the applicable time limits in your circumstances and seek legal advice before the time limits have expired.